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What is dms-mastering and what can we do with your mix?
DMS-Mastering – Digital-Mastering-Studio was founded by Aaron Miles 2002 and was a part of the DMS-Recording Studios till 2007. Because the DMS Recording Studios were build with the intention to record and beeing creative the interest of having a acoustic linear and clean workspace did make us build a the seperate DMS-Mastering room for only this purpose. What does Digital mean? Due to the fact that most productions were recorded digital with a lot of influences of digital stuff nowdays we felt the need having more analog stuff to get a balance between both worlds if people say the mix sounds cold or digital. In fact analog gear can add tube noise and harmonic distortion that can do magic with some mixes. But we can not shake off there are a lot of good digital applications that reproduce those „analog“ effects mathematical. At the end everything sounds different and it is a matter of taste and also a lot of experience to find the right balance. This is what we do. We use a solid measured system designed by Bob Katz with the possibility to do fast A/B comparisons between all the analog gear for acting intuitiv and musical.

How to book an online mastering-session?
please contact us or use our upload system to quick-book www.dms-mastering.com

Have fun!

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