Get started

Get started with one Song mastering for free. Our mastering engineer will master your Music within 5-7 businessdays – you will recieve the mastered Song limited to 2 minutes to listen what it can sound like. If you like it you can buy the whole song for 39€ – get-to-know price. So let us get started and listen!

Copy the passcode GetToKnowMastering into the field below and upload your Song to our server.

If you like to sent your song together with a reference song just include the reference song with a notification in the message field.

Recommended formats: wav, 88.2 to 96khz, 24 to 32bit float. If your project was produced in 44.1 just sent it in 44.1 instead of up or downsampling the file.

Thank you very much for considering DMS-Mastering.