Microphone Shootout – Neumann TLM 49, Brauner Valvet, TLM 170, Rode NT1000

Here is a comparison of four different microphones:
Neumann TLM 49, Brauner Valvet, TLM 170 and Rode NT1000 – High Resolution Audio files.

Recording Informations:
Male Voice short sequence.
The singers distance to the mics was 40cm.
All capsules were placed as shamrock configuration with a max radius of 15cm.
The sequences was multitrack-recorded at the same time.
Vocal chain: Great River Preamps -> Lynx Aurora converters. Recorded in 32bit float Samplerate 96khz.

The second download zip-file is a processed version to listen those mics in action with the same little digital compression and digital eq settings:

Download high resolution audio Zip 32Bit float 96khz.
(Without digital post-processing)

Download high resolution audio Zip file (processed) 32Bit float 96khz.
(Digital post-processing: 1,5Ratio UAD compression, 3db 5k and 3db 10k UAD Passive EQ boost.)

Stay tuned!

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